Dynamo (Aadi Sawant) Biography, Lifestyles, Income, Girlfriend & House

Dynamo (Aadi Sawant)

Dynamo (Aadi Sawant) Biography, Lifestyles, Income, Girlfriend & House

Aadi Sawant - Dynamo Gaming Income, Girlfriend, Lifestyle, Biography & Family | Dynamo Pubg Video. Dynamo Gaming biography | Aadi Sawant Biography | Dynamo | Dynamo lifestyle, income, and girlfriend | Dynamo live stream | Dynamo pubg Video | Dynamo Interview | dynamo vs Carryislive.

  • Real Name: Aadi Sawant

  • Nickname: Dynamo

  • Date Of Birth: Not Known

  • Age: 23 years

  • Place Of Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  • Zodiac Sign: N/A

  • Family: Marathi

  • Professions: Gaming & Youtuber

  • Residence: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  • Mother Tongue: Marathi

  • Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi

  • Nationality: Indian

  • Height: 5'8"

  • Eye color: Black

  • Hair color: Black

  • Weight: 68 KG Approx

  • Education: Business Management

  • Debut: Pubg Live Streaming

  • Years Active: 2018

  • Hobbies: Gaming, Cycling, Skating, swimming

  • Favorite Food: Pizza 🍕

  • Girlfriend Name: Kanika

  • Gaming Partner: 1) Alpha ClasheR
  • 2) Hydra BTS
  • 3) Nerd Gaming

  • Favorite Dialogues: 1) Patt se headshot
  • 2) His rani is kar98
  • 3) Baap se panga nahi lete bete

  • Dynamo Pubg Id: HYDRA | DYNAMO

  • Instagram id: dynamo__gaming

  • Instagram Fans: 647k (March 2019)

  • YouTube Fans: 3 Million (March 2019)

  • Dynamo Earning: $3000 per Month

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