All About Netflix History And Sign Up Process

All About Netflix History - In todays world movies and music are on a great trend in which so, called web series are also becoming famous called Netflix or called Netflix inc. it was founded in 1997 by two american reed hasting and marc randelph in scotts vally of California.The company started with the primary bussines as youtube based on its subscription but the difference is youtube subscription is free and Netflix subscription is paid and by getting paid they provide online film and tv programs comedy known as web series.

All About Netflix History And Sign Up Process

All About Netflix History And Sign Up Process

Netflix started it's initial business by sell and rental of DVD although Hastings jettisoned DVD sales year after year. Then Netflix focused on the renting business and introduced streaming media and year after the company expanded international with a large number of subscription in Canada by 2010 and continued growing over. It's series from here and by the end of Netflix series operated over 190 country subscriber worldwide with most number of subscriber of 36.71 million in US , Their hard work and effort proposed new content. The number of subscription from 190 country and and their diversity reselled the company rank in billion with long term of 21.9 billion dollar for se 2017, raised up from 16.8 billion dollar from September 2016.
The main headquarter of Netflix are located at 121 Albright way, losliotos, California, US. And also have other offices in many countries like Netherlands, brazil, india, japan and south korea.

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How to Join Netflix Free for a Month

  1. Open the Netflix official site or CLICK HERE to open Netflix
  2. Click on JOIN FREE FOR A MONTH Tab.
  3. Then click on SEE THE PLAN and choose one plan for after free one month, you won't be charged until after your free month ends.
  4. Finally create your account through use your email or password.
  5. And then sign in account on Netflix and enjoy the fun of Netflix.

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